About Lacity Media

Lacity Media is a media platform that has been operating in the information market since 2006. The magazine rotates author’s news about the creative industries on its own resources, as well as in the network of partner news publications.

The platform demonstrates the benefits of life and development in Ukraine, focusing on the rotation of Ukrainian news to the broader global community and diasporas in different countries.

Lacity Media is also an advertising agency that creates social, advertising and information campaigns, organizes concerts and music festivals, promotes brands, and cooperates with international companies and media holdings. The agency has created and implemented more than 200 advertising campaigns.

Terms of use

Non-commercial publication of materials and quoting from various sources is possible provided that the author, the name of the Lacity Media publication and an active link to the original article are indicated. This also applies to the use of original media materials (photos/videos/illustrations, etc.). Materials from third-party media that do not belong to the editorial office may be used only for explanatory and educational purposes, and copyright is reserved by their owners.

Editorial policy

Lacity Media’s editorial policy reflects our mission to create high-quality and engaging content that meets the highest standards of journalism and ethics and is based on the following principles:

Objectivity and reliability

We provide objective and reliable information to our readers. We adhere to high journalistic standards and research topics that matter to our audience.


Для нас важливо залишатися незалежним медіа. Ми будемо зберігати незалежність від політичних та комерційних впливів.


We make sure that our content is inclusive and representative of different groups of our audience. We take into account different cultural, ethnic and gender perspectives.

Social responsibility

We publish materials on socially important topics and support initiatives that help improve the lives of our audience and society as a whole.

Interaction with the audience

We monitor our audience’s feedback and interact with them through social media and other communication channels. We create opportunities for our audience to share their opinions and ideas.

Respect for sources and other people’s content

We cite sources and give credit to the authors of the photos. We use the authors’ texts only with their consent. The editors may not share the views of the authors or interviewees published on the site.

Privacy protection

We adhere to standards for the protection of personal data and privacy of our authors. We will not disclose personal information without the person’s consent. If an article contains anonymous sources, the author may disclose them only to the editor-in-chief. We protect our sources if they are in danger.


We are against any discrimination, including on the basis of gender, age, origin or health status.

Honest advertising

We do not publish unlabeled, discriminatory, or toxic ads. We reject advertisers if their principles conflict with ours.

Openness to cooperation

We work with freelance writers. You can suggest a topic for a story by writing to lacityukraine@gmail.com.

We are open to working with responsible brands and companies, if you have interesting news for us or want to make a good commercial material together, please contact us at lacityukraine@gmail.com.

The use of materials (copyrighted objects) posted on the Lacity Media website is permitted only with the prior textual consent of the editorial board.

In case of using text materials, it is obligatory to indicate a hyperlink in the form of: Lacity Media (https://lacity.com.ua) in the first paragraph of the copied material.

The link must be placed regardless of the full or partial use of the materials. In the case of full or partial quotation of materials from the Lacity Media website, an oral reference (for TV and radio programs) and a written reference (for printed publications) are required.

Any use of photo, video, audio, graphic and other materials posted on the Lacity Media website and in special projects of Lacity Media, Lacity Fest, owned by the publication and third parties, is prohibited.

If it is necessary to use photo, video, and audio materials, users are obliged to obtain written permission from the Lacity Media editorial board in advance to use such materials.

Materials marked promo are published as advertising.