Artillery aid for Ukraine: how much does it cost and why is it taking so long?

The Czech Republic is calling on its allies to financially support the initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. So far, only Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Portugal have provided funds. Yesterday, Luxembourg pledged to contribute €5 million. The Czech Republic urges allies who have already signed the relevant memorandums to make the promised financial contributions to continue the procurement. The first ammunition shipments are expected to arrive in Ukraine in the coming days.

The Czech company CSG, the largest ammunition supplier in Central Europe, explained delays in delivery due to rising costs and poor quality of purchased components. The company’s CEO, Michal Strnad, reported that about 50% of the parts purchased from Africa and Asia were of insufficient quality and required maintenance. Some shells needed additional components from CSG’s own production.
The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that under this initiative, the Ukrainian army could receive between 50,000 and 100,000 large-caliber shells per month.

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