Restoring 1 MW of generation capacity costs about $1 million. Ukraine needs billions

Billions of dollars are needed to restore Ukraine’s electricity production capacity through distributed generation, said Kateryna Rozhkova, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. According to her, restoring 1 MW of capacity costs about $1 million.
“You know how many gigawatts we have lost,” Rozhkova said.
The official added that if Ukraine can restore at least 20% of this through distributed generation, it will cost billions of dollars. At the same time, Rozhkova said that the lack of capacity in the power system is a “challenge for business.” Therefore, she urged entrepreneurs to rebuild and invest in their energy independence by purchasing medium and low-power turbines, as well as to provide their production facilities with uninterrupted power supply.
According to various estimates, Ukraine lost 8 to 10 GW of power generation capacity as a result of Russian attacks in the spring. Against this backdrop, Ukrhydroenergo said it plans to restore 1 GW of generation in the short term, and another 2.5 GW in the long term (completion of the Dniester PSP, construction of the Kaniv PSP, and rebuilding of the Kakhovka PSP)

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