Ukraine has great potential in solar energy and needs €5 billion in investments by 2030.

According to a study by Berlin Economics commissioned by Greenpeace, in the years before Russia’s full-scale aggression, the share of solar energy in Ukraine’s total electricity production increased significantly – from 5.9 GW in 2018 to 8.06 GW in 2022 – an increase in solar generation capacity of almost 37%.
The attacks on energy infrastructure by the terrorist country of Russia make decentralized solutions necessary, in which solar energy will play a key role. The results of the study show that 9.2 GW of solar generation capacity can be integrated into the Ukrainian power grid by 2027, and up to 14 GW by 2030 (+8.4 GW compared to current capacity). This requires investments of almost €5 billion.
The study argues that Ukraine has a great potential for solar power plants. However, to realize this potential, a number of measures need to be taken: investment in electricity infrastructure, reduction of investment costs, and liberalization of the electricity market.

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