Ukraine is included in the global system of hydrogen valleys

The Ukrainian hydrogen project H2U Hydrogen Valley has been included in the international hydrogen valley system Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley, which unites more than 80 such valleys.

A 100 MW hydrogen plant will be built near the city of Reni, Odesa region, said Oleksandr Repkin, Special Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Diplomacy.

He stressed that the Ukrainian hydrogen business continues to develop despite the challenges of war and the lack of a legislative framework. Repkin explained that the system has become a “single window” for collecting and receiving information about the world’s most significant hydrogen projects, 60 of which are European.

Its target audience is investors, developers and scientists, politicians and other market stakeholders. In the European Union, hydrogen valleys are understood as initiatives of local marketers in the field of clean hydrogen. Businesses implement infrastructure projects at the local level and create “mini-hydrogen economies” through cooperation between different sectors and industries,” he said.

The valley will have the following advantages: large-scale joint investments (from €10 million to several billion); full coverage of the hydrogen value chain, namely centralised production of green hydrogen; shared infrastructure (pipelines, filling stations, etc.); diverse end uses (e.g. steel industry, fuel cell trucks); clear regional coverage (e.g. around a major port).

It should be noted that the programme confirms that there is no negative impact on agriculture and drinking water supply in the surrounding communities. It is noted that the company is currently focusing its efforts on creating wind and solar power plants that will power the future plant.

As a reminder, at the end of December 2021, Ukraine presented the draft Hydrogen Strategy of the country. Its implementation will help achieve real energy independence and become a powerful producer of a strategic energy carrier for the global market.

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