Iceland joins Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine

The Government of Iceland has decided to join the Czech Republic’s initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine, allocating almost 2 million euros for this purpose.

This was reported by the press service of the Government of Iceland.

The reason for this decision was a shortage of ammunition, and the Czech Republic, together with Iceland’s main partners, has committed to providing ammunition to Ukraine’s artillery, which is key to the country’s defense.
Iceland’s Foreign Minister Bjarni Benediktsson emphasized that such assistance is a support of international law and protection of Iceland’s own security interests. He also emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine and contributing to international law and its own security interests.
In addition, Iceland will also support the purchase of equipment for the women of the Ukrainian army, as the percentage of women in the military has increased significantly in recent years, especially since the Russian invasion. This will include uniforms, bulletproof vests, medical and hygiene products worth 75 million kronor (over half a million euros).
This decision must also be approved by the Icelandic parliament. It is also worth noting that Luxembourg is joining the Czech initiative.

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