Ukraine and Poland discuss an oil pipeline project to connect Black Sea and Baltic ports.

The governments of Ukraine and Poland are discussing a project to build an oil pipeline to connect the ports of Odesa and Gdansk, Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jaroslaw Guzy said.

“We are talking about a specific route – along the eastern border to a large oil storage facility in Adamów (Lubelskie Voivodeship), where the Druzhba pipeline begins in Poland,” he said, adding that the construction is planned with the participation of the Polish energy group Orlen.

Guzy noted that the two countries have “many plans in the field of infrastructure and energy” as part of investment cooperation. For example, Poland’s largest state-owned fuel company, PKN Orlen SA, is interested in gas production in Zakarpattia.

At the same time, the countries signed a memorandum of cooperation in the energy sector. It envisages the development of projects aimed at restoring energy infrastructure damaged by the war, greater integration of energy markets, joint work on the development of climate-neutral technologies, development of distributed generation, and transportation of natural gas and oil products.

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