Over 660 MW of new renewable energy capacities have been launched in Ukraine in two years

According to an official report by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko, about 312 MW of new renewable energy capacity was built in 2022, and almost 350 MW will be commissioned in 2023. These are solar, wind, biogas and small hydroelectric power plants.

“For Ukraine, the development of clean energy is one of the key factors in ensuring energy independence and energy security, especially in times of war,” he said.

Despite the loss of 80% of wind farms and 20% of solar power plants as a result of Russia’s invasion, their share in Ukraine’s energy mix remains significant – in 2023, approximately 10% of electricity was generated by wind and solar power plants. Taking into account large hydroelectric power plants, the share of clean energy produced reached 20.3% (more than in the pre-war period).

“The Energy Strategy of Ukraine adopted last year stipulates that we will continue to pursue the course of clean energy production. By 2030, the share of renewables should be at least 25% in the energy balance, and by 2050, Ukraine should achieve climate neutrality,” Galushchenko said.

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