Easter exhibition opens in Kyiv

An Easter exhibition has started in Kyiv, featuring a unique Easter cake recipe and Easter eggs from different regions.
The Kyiv City History Museum presents the exhibition project “ΑΝΑΣΤΆΣΗΣ. The Light of Resurrection”, which demonstrates the sources and peculiarities of Easter. The main symbols of the exhibition are the tree of life and the pysanka, which illustrate the continuity of generations and the continuity of life.

“The Resurrection of Christ and the spring holidays that preceded Easter in pre-Christian times have always been special for Ukrainians. Feeling a strong connection with nature, people celebrated the final victory of spring, warmth and sunshine. It was a time of family unity, joyful meetings with loved ones. And even the war could not destroy our values, our traditions and holidays,” says Diana Popova, Director General of the Museum of the History of Kyiv.

The exhibition covers different historical periods and facets of Easter celebration, both spiritual and secular. In particular, it presents ceramic watered eggs from the times of Kyivan Rus, the royal gates of the 18th century, a unique recipe for Easter cake from 1863, ancient Ukrainian festive clothes, Easter cards, a collection of Easter eggs with reproduced ornaments from all regions of Ukraine, and a 19th-century African Christian egg.

The exhibition will also feature European Easter decor and diaspora Easter eggs. The project was curated by Tamila Kalytenko and Dmytro Volianyk, and the artist is Kateryna Kostenko. The exhibition will be open from April 4 to May 6.


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