Alina Pash won the Music Moves Europe Awards 2022

Ukrainian singer Alina Pash won the International Music Moves Europe Awards 2022 for young artists who present the current and future sound of Europe.

“For those who are my culture, as I carry, maybe it’s marked here in Europe, in the world. It’s so especially for me.

Also participating in the Music Moves Europe Awards 2022 were Denise Chaila (Ireland), Deva (Ukraine), Meskerem Mees (Belgium), Mezerk (France) and Blanks (Netherlands). Meskerem Mees was awarded the prestigious city of the Grand Jury Prize. In the Public Choice city for the results of the public voting, one newcomer – Ladaniva (Armenia) took off.

The awards ceremony took place on the evening of 20 September at one of the key stages of the music industry – the ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) showcase festival near Groningen, the Netherlands.

Gemma Bradley (BBC Radio 1), Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool Festival), Kevin Cole (KEXP), Bryan Johnson (Spotify) and Ukrainian reference alyona alyona have gone to this warehouse. The rest – the winner of the past fate in the nomination Public Choice 2021 became an honorary member of the jury. The award is sponsored by the EU program “Creative Europe” and is awarded for popular contemporary music.

According to the opinion of the jury of MMEA 2022, it was over the top – it was so richly talented European artists. The nominees cheered them on for their musical versatility and artistry. Zokrema, they said about our spіvvіtchiznitsa, that Alina Pash – “that unique artist is really crying … we can immediately say that the values are out there”.

Leather from the Music Moves Europe Awards winning 10,000 euros each. The winner of the Grand Jury Award won additionally a voucher for ecological logistics of the tour (green tour) in the amount of 5000 euros, and the winner of the Public Choice Award received 5000 euros. The skin nominee was also given the opportunity to host a day of business coverage on the ESNS award of 1250 euros. We include lectures, coaching with experts and trainings for the thorough development of the internationalization of your career.

The Music Moves Europe Awards is the prize of the European Union, which recognizes young artists who represent the European sound of the future. Meta hedges – to find the future European artists and promote them in the development of the international career.

The award is the successor of the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) and the Music Moves Europe Talent Award (MMETA), which are awarded by the European Union in 2004 and sponsored by the Creative Europe program. Vaughn has an incompetent authority, rewarding such vicons as Stromae, Adele, Mumford & Sons, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Meduza, Lous and the Yakuza, Inhaler and the minuloric assistant Alyona Alyona. Leather from these vikonavtsiv the achievements of a new level of glory and success in the world music industry.

“Creative Europe” is a church program of the European Union, aimed at supporting the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. Її meta – defense, development and promotion of the European cultural and international development and recession, as well as promotion of competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative industries sector, audiovisual culture.

Ukraine became a participant of the program in 2016. Generally, Ukrainian applicants can win a grant award from over 20 different competitions. In Ukraine, the National Bureau of Programs is constantly working, as it provides consultation support to Ukrainian applicants and expands knowledge about the program.

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