Israeli company revives diamonds in Vinnitsa and launches jewelry production

Israeli company revives diamonds in Vinnitsa and launches jewelry production

The company Col Cutting has already signed a contract to train 500 jewelers in the city.

The Israeli diamond mining corporation Col Cutting aims to create a large jewelry production in Vinnitsa. The company owns its own production facilities in different parts of the world. Its production is located in Canada, Namibia and Armenia. The Israelis have already signed an agreement with the Vinnitsa Vocational Training Center No. 1 on social partnership and training of at least 500 specialists, the first 50 of which will begin to master the «basics» of processing jewelry in the next academic year.

«In June, the first two groups of future diamond cutters will begin to be recruited. For an annual training course, we will take 50 adults with basic secondary education, as well as university graduates who, for example, have not found a job as an economist or a lawyer, so they are ready to retrain. The theoretical part will be mastered in the vocational education center, which has a license for the preparation of cutters, and the practical skills to receive directly on the production of the customer company under the guidance of their specialists. Since the Israeli corporation plans ambitious, in general they may need from 500 to 5 thousand specialists, whom they are willing to employ not only in the Vinnytsia enterprise, but also in factories in Namibia and Canada, where, accordingly, the payment will be much higher, — said the director of the Center for Vocational Education No. 1 Valery Dyakov.

The director added that the owners of the company in the long term are considering the possibility of creating a center for processing diamonds and diamonds in Vinnitsa, as the city is located in the center of Ukraine and has good transport links with European countries. In addition to cutters, jewelers will also be trained in the center. The Israeli corporation is not going to be limited to only diamond production in Ukraine.



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