Ukraine successfully tested a domestic demining vehicle MV-4

The Ukrainian company A3Tech-UKRAINE has successfully completed the assembly and testing of the MV-4 robotic demining machine, which was developed using the technology of the Croatian company DOK-ING.
According to Deputy Minister Hanna Hvozdyar, this machine is designed for humanitarian demining under remote control and ensures operator safety at a distance of up to one and a half kilometers. It can work on different types of soil and neutralize anti-personnel mines of various types and kinds, including those containing up to 650 g of TNT equivalent.
The machine has successfully passed field tests, including explosive tests, during which it withstood five explosions. Ukrainian specialists are actively working to develop specialized equipment that will be adapted to local conditions and engage partners with relevant experience in joint production.
The DOK-ING MV-4 is a lightweight robotic demining system that can withstand mine and ammunition explosions. It is equipped with interchangeable tools that allow it to perform various land clearance tasks, including clearing the ground of explosive devices and searching for buried objects. Such vehicles have already been successfully used for demining in Ukraine.

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