Ukraine develops Kevlar-E infantry fighting vehicle with «Assault» module and 30-mm automatic cannon

The combat vehicle «Kevlar-E» developed by the design bureau of the company «Ukroboronprom» is intended for transporting personnel of mechanized units of ground forces and providing fire support in combat. It is capable of destroying modern armored and unarmored vehicles, low-flying slow-moving air targets, maritime targets in coastal areas, and other ground targets at distances of up to 5000 meters.

The BMP can overcome water obstacles and engage targets while stationary, on the move, and afloat in conditions of direct optical visibility of the target during fog, rain, snow, and smoke at any time of the day. The new vehicle has high mobility and can overcome trenches, trenches, and water obstacles on the go.


The company has developed a new infantry fighting vehicle based on the self-propelled howitzer 2S1. Instead of the 122mm gun, a superstructure has been made to increase the height of the landing compartment, and the “Assault” combat module with a 30mm automatic cannon has been installed.

According to the developer, the vehicle’s armor corresponds to NATO STANAG 4569 Level 2 (ballistic and anti-mine). This means that the “Kevlar-E” can withstand fire from a large-caliber 12.7mm machine gun in the frontal projection, while having standard anti-bullet protection from 7.62mm small arms (sniper rifles SVD or manual).

The hull of the vehicle is based on the self-propelled howitzer 2S1 with thicker armor and a special compartment for 6 passengers, in addition to the crew of 3 people.

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