Russian patrol ship sinks in Sevastopol

The Tarantula patrol ship. Illustrative photo

A russian patrol ship of the Tarantula type sank in Sevastopol in the temporarily occupied Crimea a few weeks ago.

This was reported by the Crimean Tatar guerrilla movement ATESH on 18 January.

It is noted that the guerrillas discovered a sunken border guard ship of the 205P Tarantul project in Sevastopol during a ship reconnaissance.

It is located at the pier of Grafskaya Bay at the coordinates: 44.615763, 33.587110.

The guerrillas assume that the sinking of the ship occurred after an attack by Ukrainian naval drones.

The guerrillas emphasise that the Russians have lost another important piece of weaponry in the Black Sea.

“We congratulate everyone on this. Gradually, we will expel the occupying army from the Ukrainian territories and restore justice,” the ATES said in a statement.

The guerrillas also clarified that the ship was stolen from Ukraine by Russians during the occupation of Crimea in 2014.

“The ship was indeed stolen by the occupiers in 2014. It was actively used by them for military purposes. It was the ship that was sunk,” the statement said.

ATES added a photo of the ship taken in 2012 in Ukrainian Sevastopol, stressing that the city is “waiting for liberation from the Nazis”.

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