In Kyiv, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham promised that Ukraine will receive ATACMS

During his visit to Kyiv on March 18, Graham expressed hope that America would send Ukraine the weapons it needs. He also noted that in the future Ukraine will be able not only to hold the territory but also to put further pressure on the Russians.

“You will get ATACMS and destroy the bridge that connects Crimea to Russia. I want 2024 to be a year of qualitative advantage for the Ukrainian military,” he emphasized.

Graham also expects that F-16 aircraft will be put into service in Ukraine in 2024, and that the two countries will sign a security agreement this year.

In addition, the senator supports the provision of assistance to Ukraine in the form of an interest-free loan and hopes that the relevant draft will be presented in the US House of Representatives in the coming days. Thus, the American politician supported the initiative of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to turn aid to Ukraine into a loan.

“I think the idea of a loan will be quite popular not only among Republicans but also among Democrats,” Graham added.

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