France considers sending special forces to Ukraine

The French government is considering the possibility of allowing special units and military detachments to cross the border of Ukraine in order to create a strategic dilemma for Russia. This decision is aimed at protecting certain territories of Ukraine from potential Russian strikes.

Currently, the official position of the French government is to deny the presence of its military in Ukraine. However, since the beginning of the invasion, state individuals associated with Western intelligence agencies, often with military status, have been identified in the country, including undercover agents.

The Ministry of Defense of France has published a list of military equipment that was sent to Ukraine before December 31, 2023. This list includes 50 types of equipment, including 30 Caesar artillery systems, 250 VAB armored vehicles in various modifications, 38 AMX10 armored vehicles, over a million rounds of ammunition, and 160 reconnaissance drones. The quantity of transferred missiles Crotale, Aster, and SCALP remains classified.

In total, France has provided military equipment to Ukraine worth over €2.6 billion and contributed €1.2 billion to the European Peace Fund (EFF).

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