Russian attack on Kharkiv printing house destroys 50,000 books

A Russian missile strike on the Factor-Druk printing house in the Osnovyansky district of Kharkiv destroyed 50,000 books.

This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Yesterday’s Russian attack on the Kharkiv region, which killed and injured people, destroyed a printing house and burned 50,000 books, demonstrates that Russia is at war with humanity and all aspects of normal life,” the president said.

The day before, Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the Kharkiv regional police investigation department, said that seven employees of the printing house had died at their workplace: “They were printing children’s books.”

“Five women and two men, each of them just doing their job. This printing house produced books for children, magazines, school diaries, newspapers, and much more. Now there is no such enterprise in Kharkiv,” Bolvinov added.

According to him, the bodies of the victims were badly burned due to the strong fire, so only two could be identified. Five more victims will be identified using DNA samples.

During the massive shelling of Kharkiv on Thursday, May 23, Russians hit the printing house of the local publishing house Vivat. According to the police, the occupiers had previously struck from the S-300 system, and three missiles hit the workshop and the surrounding area.
In a comment to UP.Kultura, Yulia Orlova confirmed that the hit occurred at the Factor-Druk printing house, which mostly prints Vivat books. The printing house and the publishing house are part of the same holding.
In addition to Vivat books, Factor-Druk published books for KSD, Ranok, Folio, Svichado, Zeleny Pis and other publishing houses.

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