In December 2023, Russian troops used chemical weapons more than 80 times

In the middle of the month, the use of a new type of special RG-VO gas grenades containing an unknown chemical substance was recorded.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russian forces have used chemical weapons 465 times to attack Ukraine.

This is stated on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Support Command.

“The Defence Forces recorded 465 cases of the use of ammunition with toxic chemicals by the Russian Federation. Of these, 81 cases were recorded in December this year alone,” the statement said.

Most often, Russian troops use grenades such as K-51, RGR, and the Drofa-PM hand-held gas grenade, which is dropped from UAVs. However, improvised explosive devices equipped with irritant substances are also used. Artillery shelling with shells containing chemically hazardous substances is also carried out.

It is stated that 28 cases of the use of hazardous chemicals were documented and sent for investigative actions within the framework of criminal proceedings by radiation, chemical, biological intelligence groups from the military units of the Support Forces Command together with the Security Service of Ukraine.

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