11 countries allow Ukraine to strike targets in Russia with its weapons, Putin threatens

Poland’s Deputy Defense Minister Cezary Tomczyk stated that Poland has no objections to Ukraine using Polish weapons to strike targets on Russian territory. Similar permission has also been granted by Canada and Finland. The United Kingdom was the first to allow the use of its weapons against Russia, and this position has been supported by Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

The United States is currently against such use of its weapons, but pressure on the Biden administration is increasing both domestically and from international partners. According to a WP columnist, Biden is leaning towards allowing Ukraine to use short-range American weapons to strike Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by stating that the selection of targets for long-range systems would be made without the involvement of Ukrainian military personnel, but rather by the manufacturers and suppliers of the weapons. He also warned that NATO countries, especially smaller European nations, should understand the risks of their actions.

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