Ukraine has increased drone production by 900%

Ukraine is actively increasing the production of drones, which find a wide range of applications, from replacing artillery shells that are in short supply to striking ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and military and industrial facilities in Russia.

While in the summer, Ukraine produced about 5,000 drones per month, by the end of last year, production reached 50,000 per month. Ukraine is well on its way to achieving its goal of producing at least 1 million drones this year (over 83,000 UAVs per month). If the plan is fulfilled, production will increase more than 100 times compared to 2022.

Currently, Ukraine produces 62 types of unmanned aerial vehicles.

At the same time, in the coming weeks, Ukraine will sign contracts for the production of fpv drones similar to the Russian Lancet UAVs with a range of 40 km. It is noted that there have already been combat uses of such drones, but so far only a few.

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