The Ukrainian company Firefly Aerospace is to be sold for $1.5 billion.

Investors of the Ukrainian-American company Firefly Aerospace, which is engaged in the production of rockets and lunar landing modules, are considering the possibility of selling it for approximately $1.5 billion. Among these investors is the American private investment firm AE Industrial Partners, which is working on strategic options for Firefly.

However, the company may decide not to sell, although it is likely to attract interest from private investment firms and colleagues in the space industry. AE Industrial Partners invested $75 million in Firefly as part of a Series B funding round in 2022 and made a subsequent investment in November 2023. Investors have supported the company in concluding several deals, including the acquisition of Spaceflight Inc in 2023, a company involved in satellite development and launch brokerage services.
Firefly Alpha, the company’s expendable rocket, has contracts for launching satellites for the US Department of Defense, NASA, and commercial satellite operators. Additionally, Firefly plans to launch the Blue Ghost spacecraft to the Moon this year as part of a NASA program.

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