Jooby Luna – a new LED light from a Ukrainian manufacturer to save up to 80% of electricity

Ukrainian manufacturer TeleTec, has launched mass production of new LED street lighting solutions, Jooby Luna.  The main goal of the new model, which replaces the popular Jooby Avenue line, which has been on the market for more than 10 years, is to maximize energy savings in wartime and help municipalities provide quick repairs, modernization and management of street lighting in critical times.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, attacks and damage to energy infrastructure, blackouts and partial outages create new demands on utilities, requiring them to adapt to the situation, technically monitor and quickly restore capabilities. And the main thing is to reduce consumption to a minimum to reduce the overall load on the grid.

For this purpose, the designers of the TeleTec bureau offered the innovative Jooby Luna luminaire, its own system for automatic or remote control of street lighting networks, the Jooby Cabinet Controller, and the Jooby CMS software, which allows you to transform the entire street lighting system to the level of a smart city and help keep the streets lit.

Easy setap

The luminaire is mounted on a vertical support (floor lamp) in the position of 45 – 95 degrees or cantilever (at an angle) in a horizontal position of 5 – 45 degrees.

Possibilities of positioning the luminaire on the pole

The new street lamp is easy to install. The inclined bracket assembly is equipped with a scale for setting the angle of the luminaire. The scale has two readings, for horizontal and vertical installation of the brackets, as well as for changing the angle of inclination, with corresponding markings in the form of teeth.

Mounting unit for the inclined bracket.

Hull and slope

The lamp has a robust and durable body made of EN 47100 aluminum alloy, treated with sulfation, and coated with durable powder paint. It also has a durable, IK09-compliant safety glass with an extended service life.

Housing and protective glass design

Keyless access to components during installation

Thanks to the design and keyless access, connection, installation and maintenance can be performed without dismantling the luminaire on the pole itself. Also, there is no external power cable, which protects the worker.

The luminaire cover is pulled down vertically by the weight of the front part (heavy glass), which provides access to all elements. The lid cannot be opened more than 90 degrees thanks to the opening angle limiter, which also prevents the top cover from detaching, as the hinges remain securely engaged in this position.

Keyless access to components during installation


Natural cooling of the lamp

To ensure the luminaire’s full-fledged operation, a natural cooling system has been developed, with optimized heat distribution in the housing material and heat exchange with the surrounding space, as well as optimized shape, height, pitch, shape and cross-section of the fins for better cooling. And a special widening of the fins at the point of contact with the case improves air circulation and heat transfer. It also prevents dirt from accumulating between the fins.

Cooling system of the Jooby Luna lamp

Configuration of Smart

The meter is designed in such a way that every luminaire can become smart and get full dimming functionality without dismantling. For this purpose, it has the ability to install NEMA or Zhaga control devices, which provide the ability to upgrade a luminaire in operation to Smart and upgrade the equipment.

The NEMA module can only be installed on the top cover. Zhaga devices can be installed on the top or bottom cover (when installing the Zhaga module with a radar motion detector).

NEMA and Zhaga control modules.

The new Jooby Luna LED Street Light is equipped with more efficient LEDs, the ability to upgrade to Smart level and change functional parameters without removing the pole and fixture, and many other features that help utilities overcome the crisis.

By implementing the system, utilities can automatically regulate the disconnection/disconnection of individual networks, streets, districts, and the entire city, and control the load according to the astrological calendar.

Also, the Jooby Luna street luminaire is ideal for outdoor lighting in various landscapes such as pedestrian areas, streets, roads, parking lots and highways, and features an excellent lumen/watt ratio, offering high performance and energy efficiency at an affordable price.

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