Electric Duster built in Romania for 150 thousand euros

Romanian company Metalplast has introduced the Dacia Duster Electric, the first all-electric Duster. The conversion of the crossover to an electric vehicle took more than two years and cost 150 thousand euros.

The electric Dacia Duster was created as a test car for parts produced by Metalplast, which specializes in custom plastic for tuning. The car received large bumpers, widened wheel arches for large wheels, enlarged sills, a diffuser and a plug in place of the radiator grille.
The basis for the electric Duster was the second generation of the diesel-powered model, which was to be scrapped. Instead of a 1.5-liter diesel engine, a 215-horsepower electric motor from the Nissan Leaf was installed, reducing power by up to 60 percent. The crossover weighs 1700 kilograms and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 11-12 seconds. For comparison, a regular Duster with a diesel engine does it in 10.2 seconds.
The crossover is equipped with an air suspension and a 55 kWh battery from Volkswagen ID.3, which allows it to travel up to 350 kilometers on a single charge. It is charged by a 22 kW AC charger. The charging time is not specified.

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