50+ Ukrainian-designed ground robotic systems were tested in conditions as close to combat as possible.

The utilization of technology in this war began with aerial drones and will continue with ground-based ones. These robots are capable of conducting reconnaissance, acting as kamikazes, firing weapons, delivering supplies, evacuating the wounded, clearing mines, and defusing them – all while prioritizing the preservation of soldiers’ lives and health.

The development of ground robotic systems is a top priority for Brave1. The company works towards finding the most effective solutions, developing corresponding accelerated procedures, and fostering an environment for engineers and manufacturers focused on robotics, actively engaging with future operators. As a result, over 140 ground robotic systems have been showcased on the Brave1 platform.

Fourteen developments, including combat modules, logistics, and mine clearance, have already been standardized to NATO standards. This opens the path to government contracting, meaning even more robots will be actively deployed on the front lines.

To make this achievable, the company is working on creating appropriate procedures and supporting developers and manufacturers by providing them access to military expertise, facilitating testing at testing grounds, guiding them during standardization and contracting, providing grants, attracting investments, and assisting in business scalability.

The main goal is to minimize human involvement on the battlefield, which will help preserve the lives and health of Ukrainian soldiers. Ground robotic systems will become the next game-changer in this war, much like UAVs have already proven to be.

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