The world’s most expensive motorcycle, the Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4, has appeared in Ukraine

A limited edition Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4 has been brought to Ukraine. The sportbike costs 130,000 euros and is perhaps the most expensive motorcycle in the world.

The 2020 Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4 sportsbike is produced in a limited edition of 500 copies, and this particular motorcycle is the 14th in the series. The price of the new model from the manufacturer started at $100,000.

The Ducati motorcycle is made entirely of carbon, so it weighs only 156 kg. Its litre engine produces 234 hp and allows it to reach 299 km/h.

The owner of the Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4 is a young Ukrainian millionaire, Alexander Slobozhenko. His garage already includes a million-dollar Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, a tuned Lamborghini Urus and a number of other top cars.

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