Charitable International Online Talent Festival Lacity Fest – Stand With Ukraine

Festival for all countries of the world

With the support of the media platform Lacity Ukraine as part of the annual Lacity Fest. A unique way to show your talent and stand with us, help stop the war in Ukraine!

There is a war in Ukraine!

Russian troops attacked the independent lands of Ukraine, destroying the place and infrastructure, suffering peaceful population. In the whole world, people are trying to help the army, and let’s forgive the Ukrainians to overcome the hardships.

We have also helped to organize a prosperous international festival of talent Lacity Fest 2022 in the format of an online marathon for talented people from all over the world.

You can take a video and contribute material help, as it is equal for everyone. We give you the opportunity to speed up our media resources and a great audience, tens of thousands of subscribers in the merezh for demonstrating the activity of the participants and giving them to the Ukrainian people! Funds for participation in the festival will be donated to help children affected by hostilities in Ukraine.

Accept the fate and help simply


Make a deanery contribution, equal for all participants and collectives

Upload video

Take a video of your creativity to upload a video to help you up to the format


Rotation of video and information about the participant in the festival and platform

Reward and gratitude

Awarded to all participants of the marathon, regardless of genre and professionalism

Achievements Lacity Fest 2021




positive feedback


audience coverage



Advantages of the festival


The festival is organized by the media platform Lacity Ukraine, which broadcasts news from Ukraine to the world, with an audience of> 300K visitors, and more than 60K followers in networks.

Video publishing

Each video is published on the YouTube channel of the festival, Lacity Ukraine and Lacity Fest pages on Facebook and Instagram with an information block about the participant

Digital support

Each participant receives an open information block about their creative activities and achievements, and digital promotion in networks.


All participants and leaders receive an electronic diploma of gratitude from the Ukrainian people without distribution. There is a separate Grand Prix nomination in each category, which is owned by the release on the media platform and digital support.


Video and photo requirements

    1. Participants record one performance in live video format.
    2. Format – 4K, Full HD 1080, HD 720, in horizontal, static position, 16×9.
    3. Video format – MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4, MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV.
    4. Participant photo formats – jpeg, png, weighing up to 3m.
    5. The video is uploaded to the file repository –
    6. The photo is uploaded separately to the file storage –
    7. A link from the file repository is sent in the registration form.
    8. Video without sharp movements, clear, without editing effects.
    9. Vocal solo performances are the middle plan.
    10. Vocal performance of groups – medium or general plan.
    11. Performance of dance, circus, theater numbers – the general plan.
    12. For the presentation of works of art – medium or close-up.

Please treat the video recording responsibly, its quality will affect the evaluation of the performance.

Example: Medium plan (Solo performance)

Example: General plan (for teams)

Financial participation

1 participant

20€ / 25$

Duet, trio

30€ / 35$


50€ / 55$