Ukraine is looking for investors to restore oil wells

Ukrnafta said that an important part of its strategy is to restore wells that have already been drilled but abandoned using modern technologies. Currently, there are 4,222 such wells, of which 2,100 are within the company’s special permits, and 700 of them are within the reserve contours. For the pilot project, the company has selected 30 wells, of which 10 will be restored on its own, and a tender is being announced for 20. “Ukrnafta invites partners to help restore production.
The company offers an agreement based on the principles of the Risk Service Agreement:
1. The investor undergoes compliance and gets access to information about the wells.
2. Together with Ukrnafta’s specialists, we are forming a pool of wells, from 3 to 12, which will be restored by drilling at the partners’ own expense.
3. The cost of resuming production from these wells is determined through the relevant bidding in the Prozorro system.
4. “Ukrnafta receives an additional resource and pays for the revitalization with funds from production from the restored wells.
5. The partners receive a portion of the additional production from the rehabilitated wells.

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