Ukraine has three river routes for exports bypassing Poland

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has proposed the relevant routes. Thanks to them, Ukrainian farmers will be able to deliver grain to the Romanian cities of Galati and Constanta, as well as to the German city of Regensburg by river.

The Ukraine-Galati route is the fastest of the proposed routes, with delivery taking several days. The river caravan will be able to make five to seven trips a month;

The Ukraine-Regensburg route will allow the goods to be delivered to the closest point to the main market for Ukrainian exports;

The advantage of the Ukraine-Constanza route is that the cargo will end up in one of the largest European seaports with the possibility of further export to anywhere in the world.

The UDP also plans to put additional barge caravans on the container lines, which will deliver approximately 2,100 containers to Regensburg or 5,900 containers to Constanta on a monthly basis. At the same time, river transportation by the UDP fleet is an alternative for 2000-5000 trucks.

It is worth noting that since the summer, Ukraine has not been exporting grain to Romania, the cargo is only in transit. In January 2024, 1.1 million tons were transported, and in the first half of February – 0.6 million tons of grain.

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