Ukraine has power outages in all oblasts after Russian attacks on energy infrastructure

Blackout in Kharkiv after a Russian attack. Photo: Yan Dobronosov
Ukraine receives electricity imports and emergency assistance from European countries, but these measures are insufficient to maintain balance in the energy system due to significant damage caused by Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants, reports Ukrenergo.
Ukraine’s energy system is experiencing a power deficit, and consumption limits for industrial and residential consumers in all regions were introduced on June 4, according to the electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo.
The main reason for the restrictions is the damage caused by six Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants.
The power deficit slightly increased compared to the previous day due to higher air conditioning usage, cloudiness affecting solar power plants, and reduced electricity imports from EU countries, according to Ukrenergo.
Ukrenergo relies on imports and emergency assistance from European countries to address the power deficit. Recently, electricity was imported from Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Moldova, but the company emphasizes that these measures are insufficient due to the extensive damage.
Sixty-eight settlements remain without electricity due to thunderstorms and strong winds: 48 in Lviv Oblast and 20 in Sumy Oblast.
Power outages also occur in Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv Oblasts due to hostilities in these areas.
Ukraine’s largest electricity producer, DTEK Group, reported that damage from Russian missile attacks in March 2024 was twice as severe as the previous winter, costing $230 million to repair. The attacks destroyed critical equipment at six main thermal power plants, with 80% of generation capacity lost. DTEK aims to restore five plants before winter, mainly by importing equipment from Eastern European countries.

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