The number of investors in securities in Ukraine increased by 34% in 2023

The number of registered investors in securities in Ukraine reached almost 166.2 thousand as of the end of 2023, up 34% or 46 thousand over the year, the Financial Market Contracts Service Centre (FMSC) reported on its website.

According to the report, the volume of transactions with hryvnia domestic government bonds processed by the central bank in December was UAH 29.6 billion, down 32.5% from November, and the number of transactions decreased by 5% to almost 20.9 thousand.

It was clarified that 4.5 thousand transactions were made with dollar-denominated government bonds last month, which is 41% more than in November, but their volume decreased significantly – from $167.4 million to $99.4 million.

The number of transactions with Euro-denominated government bonds in December 2023 was 350, with a volume of EUR 5.4 million, while a month earlier there were 310 such transactions for EUR 10.6 million.

As for transactions with bonds of foreign issuers, the number of transactions decreased from 42 to 31 in December, but the volume increased from UAH 713.6 million to UAH 1.13 billion. In addition, 303 transactions with bonds of Ukrainian issuers worth UAH 1 billion were processed (352 transactions worth UAH 1.45 billion in November).

The volume of processed transactions with Ukrainian external government bonds increased from UAH 29.3 million to UAH 52.5 million, although the number of transactions decreased by seven to 79.

The volume of transactions with shares of Ukrainian issuers in October reached UAH 16.1 million, which is UAH 1.45 million more than in November. At the same time, the number of transactions with them in December decreased from 29 to 16.

There were also 20 transactions with shares of foreign issuers for UAH 513 thousand, while a month earlier there were only four transactions for UAH 57 thousand.

The SC added that the number of transactions with securities of collective investment institutions increased significantly – from 65 to 107, and the volume – from UAH 601 thousand to UAH 3.39 million.

As in the previous two months, Investment Capital Ukraine LLC topped the ranking of clearing brokers in December. Universal Bank (mono) remained in second place, as in November, and BTS Broker LLC took third place. Kinto Ltd. moved up to fourth place from 12th, pushing PrivatBank down to fifth.

The second five are Univer Capital LLC, Ukreximbank, Ukrgasbank, Globus Bank and Profi-T Securities LLC.

Finally, the top five were formed by Sens Bank, MA-2 LLC, Navigator-Invest LLC, Spike-Invest LLC and Sky Bank.

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