Renovation of the power system: Ukraine will develop “smart grids” and banks will support projects to restore power generation

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has approved a roadmap for the development of “smart grids,” which involves automation and the implementation of digital solutions at all levels of the energy system.

The restoration of facilities damaged by Russian attacks will be carried out using “smart” technologies. “Microgrid” technologies are considered more resilient to military factors and natural disasters. It is expected that the implementation of “smart grids” will reduce losses in the networks by 6 billion kWh annually.
The National Bank of Ukraine announced that the banking system is ready to prioritize the restoration of the country’s energy generating capacities and to provide support for the implementation of relevant projects.
NBU Governor Andriy Pyshny clarified that banks can provide credit support for projects to build small distributed generation facilities across the country or for much larger projects through consortium lending, where banks pool capital and share risks.
The National Bank is also prepared to adapt certain requirements for banks to ensure that these projects progress as quickly as possible.

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