European Commission approves aid plan – Ukraine to receive payments from €50 billion fund

The European Commission has adopted the Ukrainian Plan, which serves as the basis for the establishment of the Ukrainian Fund within the EU budget for the years 2024-2027 with a volume of €50 billion. This will enable Ukraine to receive regular payments critical for budgetary support, contingent upon the implementation of agreed reforms and investment actions.
According to the EC, the Ukrainian Plan effectively addresses the objectives of the Ukrainian Fund by identifying key reforms and investments that can accelerate sustainable economic growth and attract investments. It also sets framework conditions for the reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine.
Ukraine is expected to receive €1.89 billion in advance financing within a month.
The EC forecasts that, provided reforms and investment programs are implemented, Ukraine’s GDP could grow by 6.2% by 2027 and by 14.2% by 2040. Implementation of the plan could also help reduce the public debt to 10% of GDP by 2033.

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