China is putting pressure on Ukraine by putting its companies on the list of war sponsors.

During a meeting between the Chinese ambassador and high-ranking Ukrainian officials, China informed Ukraine that the inclusion of over 10 Chinese companies in Kyiv’s list of “international sponsors of war” could harm bilateral relations. This information is reported by Reuters.

One of the high-ranking Ukrainian intermediaries informed the agency that the ambassador mentioned that the situation with the blacklist could have a negative impact on the relations between the two countries.

The same Ukrainian representative also emphasized that China did not impose any conditions or temporary frameworks for cooperation and simply expressed its viewpoint regarding the list.

Another interlocutor mentioned that Beijing might link this situation to Chinese purchases of Ukrainian grain.

Ukraine has included 48 companies from around the world, including 14 from China, in the list of “international sponsors of war,” which, according to Ukraine, indirectly support or contribute to Russia’s military efforts.

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