10-year security agreement – what did Ukraine and the US agree on?

Ukraine and the United States have signed a bilateral security agreement in which the U.S. commits to long-term obligations aimed at supporting Ukraine’s efforts to win the war and deter possible future military aggression from Russia. The agreement includes assistance in areas such as air defense, artillery, armored vehicles, combat aviation, maritime security, cybersecurity, protection of critical infrastructure, and more.
The U.S. will support Ukraine in building its air and missile defense systems, particularly relying on Patriot systems, and will aid in the modernization of Ukraine’s Air Force and the procurement of modern fighter jets. The agreement provides for cooperation in developing Ukraine’s defense industrial base through joint defense research and support for increasing the production of necessary weapons.
The document outlines the main directions of long-term U.S. assistance for Ukraine’s economic recovery, the implementation of reforms, and continued support for Ukraine’s peace formula. Additionally, the agreement reaffirms U.S. support for Ukraine’s future NATO membership and addresses holding Russia accountable and exploring ways to use Russian assets to support Ukraine.

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