Ukrainian artists recorded the album DNA – Soul. Nation. Culture

Famous Ukrainian artists such as Oleh Skrypka, Tina Karol, Max Barskykh, Nadia Dorofeeva, Artem Pivovarov, MONATIK, ROXOLANA and other singers have come together to record an album of Ukrainian folk songs and remind Ukrainians of the powerful force of their own heritage.

“Music is in our DNA,” say the authors of the album.

Each artist performed one of their favorite folk songs especially for the album – the album includes 18 tracks in total. Thus, Nadia Dorofeeva sings the famous song “The Blackthorn Blossoms”, MONATIK sings the favorite song of all Ukrainians “I Lured You”, and Tina Karol sings “Why Didn’t You Come? Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy) and singer Roxolana perform a duet of their song “Chorni Ochky”.

“18 favorite folk songs sound in an unusual combination with popular jazz and soul motifs,” says MOZGI Entertainment, the music label that released the album, “Each song is a dedication and gratitude to the brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to everyone who holds our country on their shoulders and defends Ukraine’s right to take its rightful place in the world and world culture at the cost of their own lives.

It should be noted that the funds raised from the auditions will be directed to the UNITED24 charity fund.

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