New Seba Korecky mix with Ukrainian disco-funk-soul music

During the European tour, Kyiv-based producer and co-founder of VERTUHA Seba Korecky performed at the Berlin radio Refuge. His hour-long set was a selection of exclusively Ukrainian disco-funk-soul music, from classics to modern tracks.

According to Seba Korecky, one of the goals of the tour was to spread Ukrainian music, which was to give “an impetus to Ukrainian artists to create new music” and “show that tracks by Ukrainian artists do not necessarily have to have a sopilka in them.”

Some of the tracks have not yet been released on streaming services. “One of the founders of Refuge said that it reminded him of city-pop (Japanese pop-disco of the 80s), and the Ukrainian language reminded him of Japanese,” the DJ says.

The author himself calls the mix “a ray of light, hope and love.” “For the most part, the tracks you will hear in the set were created by my friends and acquaintances – artists based and working in Kyiv. The video starts with slow jams, through melancholic but beautiful motifs that move on to lively rhythms. All the music I selected for this set is a ray of light, hope and love. These were the main criteria.”

Seba Korecky is a co-founder of the VERTUHA house (Closer residents) and the VERTUHA Records label; composer, music producer and disco-funk ambassador.

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