An exhibition of vintage cars was held in Kiev

Because of the war of aggression and the Russian attack, the cool OldCarLand car festival was no longer held in Kyiv, but this year they decided to organize a vintage car exhibition, but in a shorter format. It was called “Stars OldCarLand”.
Both regular OldCarLand participants and new models were brought to the exhibition. In addition, the exhibits of the Wheels of History museum, which recently opened in Kyiv, were also brought.
It was from there that the oldest car at the exhibition was brought – a 1932 GAZ-A, which is a licensed copy of the Ford A. Other cars from the 30s include two Buick Roadmasters, Audi Front UW225 convertibles (with front-wheel drive), Opel Super 6, and Skoda Popular.
The Grand Prix of the exhibition went to a huge 1966 Cadillac DeVille convertible. The automotive America of the 60s and 70s was also represented by two Chevrolet Impalas, a Pontiac Catalina, and an Oldsmobile Delta 88.
The European classics included Peugeot 203, Rolls-Royce Corniche III and Silver Spirit, Volvo 142, Ford Capri and Sierra Cosworth, Mercedes W116 and W123.
The exposition of Soviet equipment was quite extensive. In particular, one could see a ZIL-114 membership car, a ZIM convertible, or a GAZ-23 Volga for the KGB with a 195-horsepower Chayka V8 and automatic transmission.
In addition, World War II off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and interesting special equipment such as a mobile TV studio based on Avia A21 were demonstrated.

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